As much as I enjoy spending time with my friends, I still believe thanksgiving is a time only for family. There’s a certain trend beginning within our generation that is attempting to turn every opportunity given as a chance to spend more time with friends, which is nice, but can also be outrageous.

Plenty of my friends decide to hang out every weekend, and go out every night to spend time with their friends. I’m not going to preach how they shouldn’t do this, and why my way is right, because I will never tell somebody else how to live their life. But as for me, I simply cannot do that. I grew up believing that family will always be stronger than friendship, which is almost always true. And I will do anything to secure that. Even though I’m having a blast right now with my friend, I intend to use thanksgiving as a holiday to appreciate and thank God for blessing me with such an amazing family that has provided for me and protected me throughout my life, making me who I am today.


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