King Day

MLK is a day of reflection. It’s a day when you can think about the progress and hardship African Americans have been forced to endure for over a hundred years. A day when you can appreciate being able to use any bathroom, or drink from any water fountain you like. A day when you can look yourself in the mirror and take pride in the color of your skin. A day when you know that every opportunity you encounter will be given not based off of your ethnicity, but your ethics and morals. A day that grants love towards every possible race that exists on planet. A day when you can walk outside without being stared at because you’re “too dark”. All these freedoms are constantly taken advantage of, yet have become the most important and most used freedoms for every individual living in the United States. This independence that has been fought for by many, including MLK, needs to be remembered on some day. That day is King Day. 


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