Social Media Language

There’s a difference between writing and texting. Whether it’s a letter, or an essay, writing compels the author to use a type of formality in the language that you would use in school as if it was always being graded. We’ve simply grown accustomed to using this style when given a pencil and paper. However, when we are given a phone, we are put in a different situation, free from the limits of grammatical and spelling errors. Since text messages and social media is filled with this slang, we have all simply adapted to this culture and embraced it in our own unique ways. Whether we are saying “smh” or “u” instead of you, we are all free to say or write whatever we like. These words, by no means, dictate who we are, or what we believe in. So I disagree with anybody who criticizes the people using this language, despite the fact that the internet is swarmed by this culture. 


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