Lone Wolf and Cub

10/10 movie. To briefly explain, there is a shogunate executioner who’s family is killed by a clan of the people he used to be assigned to kill. The only survivor from his clan is his son, who is a toddler, and can’t really do much. He avenges the clan, and they promise to leave him alone on his new journey as a bounty hunter who travels while killing for money. It isn’t that plot that makes me love the movie, but it’s the character of the samurai. He’s a very quiet and modest man, who doesn’t reveal who he is to anybody, and tries his best to avoid as much trouble as possible. He never complains about anything, and always knows what to do. That is the complete opposite of my life, because I worry too much at times and I never have everything planned out. That is something I need to start working on.


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