The Six Ways


Picture {2006} {Hurdles} {cc-by-sa}

Track and Field, water, Football, lifting, sandwich, and watermelon. This was our very first assignment in AP Language/Composition, which was to say six things that we like. Then you gave us a quote, “We understand the new in terms of the old”. We had to analyze and apply one of our interests in this quote, and I chose my watermelon. I said “ I compare old watermelons with new to see which is juicier”. Now that I look back at this assignment, I still have no idea why we did that, or what that meant. But that was my first writing experience in this class. My last writing experience in this class was writing about my goals for this upcoming senior year. It’s amazing how I’ve went from analyzing watermelon to figuring out how I’m gonna get myself to college. But how were we prepared up until this point? Our very first assignment turned out to be what ended up getting me through this course.

Track and Field

In Track and Field, I’m a hurdler. For those that don’t know what that is, I jump over a row of sticks as fast as I can. These rows act as obstacles that are in my way as I try to get to the finish line.  My first impression was that this was going to be an extremely boring class. Just the sound of it “AP Language and Composition” sounds a bit awful. You gave us the option in the beginning of the year to take either a red pill or a blue pill. I don’t remember which pill means what, but it was a decision about whether we wanted to stay in this class, or transfer out. And I really thought about this. You had a slideshow filled with expectations and lesson plans that sounded complicated. You identified what our hurdles were gonna be this year, and gave us the option of whether or not we wanted to “race”. And I realized that all of my classmates were gonna go through with it. I was ready to start this race with all of them, and just hope I didn’t hit a hurdle and fall.



Football to me, is known as the sport that I quit. It is something I’ve been doing my entire life. There was no other sport that I knew, and I didn’t see myself doing anything besides football. This applies to my writing. Going into this class, I thought there was only one way to write. A 3 pronged thesis, where I have to talk about each topic in my body paragraphs and provide evidence. But I found that this was far from the only way to write.

I eventually had to learn several styles of writing. I had to learn how to write a descriptive essay. how to write a synthesis essay, how to analyze HOW rhetorical strategies are used in a passage, and most importantly, I had to figure out why stories matter. And I still haven’t figured that one out. I was able to make my own unique writing style, and express my emotions through my writing. I never thought it was possible, just like I never thought it would be possible for me to quit football.



I don’t have any significant meaning for my water. I just need water to survive. What did I need in this class to survive? Creativity. Something I absolutely lack. This weakness ended up becoming my biggest accomplishment. Throughout this course, we had to write many different types of essays, which had different prompts and expectations. And it wasn’t until this class, that I learned how to write an essay in my own way. My race essay is a great example. I was able to reflect my feelings of my race into the organization of my essay and make it my own unique story telling narrative.



My sandwiches are my life. They’ve been through thick and thin with me this entire year. Literally thick and thin, because I only make peanut butter sandwiches. That’s what my table members have been to me this year. They’ve helped save my grades, read my most personal essays I’ve ever written, and have helped me become a better writer and reader. Even though some of us still might not be all the way comfortable sharing their personal thoughts, I don’t think there’s anyone else I’d want to share my essays with besides these people. They’ve learned how I write, they know about my personal experiences, and I’ve been lucky enough to witness every one of them get through this class with me and progress as writers.



Lifting is strength. It makes you stronger so you could keep everything together. What has kept us all together this entire year? Mr Z. I don’t think there’s any other teacher that could have made “AP Language/Composition” as fun as Mr. Z has. He found a way to teach the curriculum while making it fun for all of us, and teaching us that it is possible to live without thumbs. His sense of humor, and outgoing attitude made it easy for all of us to open up to each other, as he created an atmosphere that is efficient AND amusing.


Watermelon. Juicy watermelon. I love it. There’s nothing sweeter. It’s just the best. This class is my watermelon. If you take a look around you, it’s not one of those boring classes where nobody talks. Some may have come into this class, knowing everybody, while others have began as strangers. But we’ve all grown accustomed to our peers, and learned to accept everybody’s opinions. This sweet ending, is what made me love this class, almost as much as the sweet ending after eating a piece of watermelon.  



Women. A beautiful species. A species we would not be able to live without. Literally. They are the providers of our society, and throughout history, have been neglected to such an extent to the point where they may have been restricted of their capabilities. For hundreds of years, they have assumed and inherited the domestic role in the family, and remained limited in their voice. However, it’s an issue that we have gradually addressed. I’m no feminist, but I do believe that all people are created equal. And it isn’t fair to exclude women from the lot because there is nothing besides physical characteristics that separate men and women. Luckily, women today are provided the equal opportunity in almost every aspect of social life. They have progressed tremendously, and even outclass men at times (not assuming they were previously unable to). Yay women

Lone Wolf and Cub

10/10 movie. To briefly explain, there is a shogunate executioner who’s family is killed by a clan of the people he used to be assigned to kill. The only survivor from his clan is his son, who is a toddler, and can’t really do much. He avenges the clan, and they promise to leave him alone on his new journey as a bounty hunter who travels while killing for money. It isn’t that plot that makes me love the movie, but it’s the character of the samurai. He’s a very quiet and modest man, who doesn’t reveal who he is to anybody, and tries his best to avoid as much trouble as possible. He never complains about anything, and always knows what to do. That is the complete opposite of my life, because I worry too much at times and I never have everything planned out. That is something I need to start working on.

Teen Rebellion?

There is no teen rebellion. Today’s society is simply different from previous customs, and everybody automatically assumes it’s a bad change. That may always be the difference between older and newer generations. The battle between which is “better”. While some will argue that these previous traditions are better, others will argue that they simply cannot move on and that the modern day is better. Technology has helped improve the lives of millions of people, and has allowed the human race to progress at a tremendous pace. However, it has also handicapped us like never before. We feel we NEED technology, and that is not good at all. How will we fix that? I think that’s a whole other blog post.


Roasting is what makes me happy. When I say that perfect, crispy joke that rolls off the tongue perfectly, and makes perfect sense with the situation, I just feel great. It’s not even the fact that I’m being mean to somebody or “offending” them, because I’m not. It’s all out of fun. If I roast you, then you could roast me back. That’s all it should be, end of story. Sadly, some people have to take small roasts personally and cause a fuss over something that is nothing. Of course, there is a line drawn when roasting, but if you aren’t crossing that line, feel free to go wild. This picture is me in my prime roast.

Expired Milk

Hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk. Wasted. Because of a false date. Only at the United States of America. 

It’s terrible to think that this country gets away with the terrible consumer mentality we have all inherited. How can we fix that? Simply be more resourceful. Actually appreciate what we have. Stop thinking just about yourself, and help those around you, and GIVE. Once we can all become selfless, I believe that’s when we will all reach true happiness.

Good Ol Days

Every once in a while, when I’m tired of everyone, I like to go back to my past, that was stress free and FUN. It seems that now it’s all about rising above and beyond or working harder than everybody else. When I was a kid, I remember waking up and going to school without having to worry about any exams or grades I had in my classes. Is it possible to live how I did before? As much as I’d like to be stress free, I think if I stopped worrying about everything in my life, I’d fall behind and just overwhelm myself even more. Luckily, I hardly stress about school, but some other students who have a lot of pressure put on them will never catch a break.