Wages in Farm Life

It’s clear that working as a farmer is not the best job in the world. Constantly bending over, tending to plants for over ten hours everyday can become very strenuous. One of our most important body parts, the back, is constantly being exercised in the worst way for long intervals. So if all these setbacks go along with this occupation that needsĀ to be done, how are we going to keep providing these fruits and vegetables? I believe there are only two options.


Social Media Language

There’s a difference between writing and texting. Whether it’s a letter, or an essay, writing compels the author to use a type of formality in the language that you would use in school as if it was always being graded. We’ve simply grown accustomed to using this style when given a pencil and paper. However, when we are given a phone, we are put in a different situation, free from the limits of grammatical and spelling errors. Since text messages and social media is filled with this slang, we have all simply adapted to this culture and embraced it in our own unique ways. Whether we are saying “smh” or “u” instead of you, we are all free to say or write whatever we like. These words, by no means, dictate who we are, or what we believe in. So I disagree with anybody who criticizes the people using this language, despite the fact that the internet is swarmed by this culture. 


screenshot-2017-02-17-at-11-58-33-amLooking back at my tagsĀ that I’ve used, depress seems to be a popular one that I often use. I don’t complain about how MY life is depressing, but I tend to explain the different things in society that depress me. I don’t regret what I’ve said, because I try to address problems that I believe need to be noticed. But it is pretty bad that I talk A LOT about the things that bother me. For this next semester, I’m going to talk more about things that make me happy. The things that I try to appreciate or prevent taking for granted.


Attention is something that everybody seeks. We all want this attention so we can inform others, or let them know what’s on our minds. How do we get this attention? 

After reading the passage “let’s get specific”, I’ve come to understand that something INTERESTING is something people will pay attention to. You make these comments interesting by sprinkling details ALL over. By doing so, you create a sense of imagery and bring your audience into your thoughts. I definitely saw a difference in my attention span while reading the different stories provided. 


There’s a popular saying, “snitches get stitches”. I do believe in this saying, but only to a certain extent. Although snitching is bad 90% of the time because it simply kills the mood and gets in the way of fun, I do believe that snitching may be necessary in some situations. When a situation is serious, and other people’s lives are put in danger, then you have to snitch. Despite the peer pressure of being known as the “snitch”, you do it because it’s the right thing to do. You shouldn’t snitch to kill the fun because you aren’t a part of it, you should snitch because you are thinking in the most positive manner for yourself and those around you. 


The idea of play is a compete joke in 2017. Everywhere you look, you’ll see kids as young as 6 years old playing on iPads, eyes attached to their screens. Spoiled like never before over these superficial items that have become a necessity. You will never see kids playing outside in every neighborhood, everyday. It’s sad to see how lazy and dependent our society has become. This is due to the handicap that technology creates: being able to order your items straight to your home, talking to your friends over a text instead of talking to them personally, segways to use instead of walking. All these things have taken away the most important aspect of life, which is play. This photo is a rare picture you’ll see of real play. My friend Billy and I at weight room working. No adults, no technology, just play. 

Bailee !!

My sister went on a trip with her friend to big bear from Friday night to Sunday. Even though we argue a lot, she’s my best friend and there’s nobody that can make me happier than her. I also don’t argue more than anybody else besides her. I don’t know why we argue so much, even though I get along with her so well. Sometimes I think it’s because we’re so close, but how much sense does that make. Is it the expectations we set for each other regarding our reliability or is it just that we can’t stand each other since we’re with each other so often?